Friends of the Earth, February 2020

Directors - 'The Not Brothers'

This fun an powerful promotional film for Friends of the Earth aimed to highlight the chasm in attitudes between generations, and the need for immediate action on climate change.

The sound design is simple and functional, aiming to create a closer intimacy with the child teacher than with the adult class. Her lines are front and centre, and whilst the noises of the class chaotically misbehaving intrude towards the end, we still hear her disappointed intake of breath.

I was also the sound recordist on set, and will be composing the music for the cinematic version.

Time To Grow Up

Ripieno Players, December 2019

Cellist - Eliza Carew

Videography - Harvey Birtles

As the first of many planned videos in the 'Out of the Concert Hall' series, this film aimed to bring beautiful classical music to a new audience through recording a highly talented performer playing in a recognisable public space.

The sound for this film, shot in the centre of Birmingham, aimed to mix two auditory perspectives: the natural surrounding ambience, and the 'body' of the cello. This creates a sound that is both intimate and alive.

The video has been used for promotional purposes by the Ripieno Players.

Out of the Concert Hall