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Escapade Productions, UK Tour 2019

Director - Madeleine Perham

Ruby Redfort

Ruby Redfort: Laser MazeJonny Danciger

British Council School (Madrid), OSO Arts Centre (London), 2019


At The Carnival (Verse)Jonny Danciger

Oxford Playhouse, January 2017

Company - Drame Fatale

Director - Charlotte Vickers

Producer - Lucy Hayes

This visually striking and ambitious production situated Marlowe's celebrated play in the soviet union. I worked closely with the director to create cold atmosphere in which everything was a potential threat.

I combined three musical palettes; orchestral strings and brass injected cinematic high-stakes whilst evoking traditional royal music, heavily automated synth lines created a shifting sense of unease with promises of espionage, and bell-based drone scapes became increasingly prominent with Edward's eroding sanity. 

Edward II

Edward IIJonny Danciger

Keble O'Reilly, January 2017

Company - Quicksandance

Choreographer - Emmy Everest-Philips

Producer - Chris Burr

For this dance show themed on light, the music, lighting and dance were intricately linked. Music was spatialized in '12.3 surround': an octophonic cube array, four specials, and a sub for each of the three seating areas. Whilst most of the music was predetermined and augmented by surround sound, I was asked to compose the music for 'Glitch' - a duet in which a couple become increasingly separated by the technological world. The story and visuals were integral to the music; an initially spacious and analogue piano theme becomes swallowed by abrasive electronics.


Glitch - Dance InstrumentalJonny Danciger
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