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British Council School, January 2018

Company- Barricade Arts

Director/Design - Jonny Danciger

This educational production used Brecht and Berkoff techniques, with six actors creating farmyard animals from 'found objects'. The sound drew parallels between the playful style of action and the darker realism at the heart of the story, combining pastoral soundscapes with dark drones and more comical sounds. A pivotal point was the 'Battle of the Cowshed', where I repurposed the sound of manual tools as a rhythmic accompaniment to the physical fight sequence. Sound was also used to ground the more abstract staging in a stable sense of location, changing quickly between more natural states.

Animal Farm

Animal FarmJonny Danciger

Oxford Playhouse, January 2017

Company - Drame Fatale

Director - Charlotte Vickers

Read more about my compositions for this production here.

Alongside the music, I used sound to enhance the audience's immersion in both the threatening environment and Edward's mental state. A speaker was placed within Edward's throne, from which drones would emanate before consuming the auditorium. Boundary mics were ran through reverb in church scenes, this effect lingering through Edward's torture and death. Subtle changes in sparse soundscape between cold winds, rain, dripping water, and distant battlefields became a driving force for the dramatic action.

Edward II

Edward IIJonny Danciger

Keble O'Reilly, January 2017

Company - Quicksandance

Choreographer - Emmy Everest-Philips

Read more about my composition for this production here.

This ambitious dance show themed on light used sound as it's connective tissue. All lighting states were triggered by the soundtrack, allowing sound, lighting and movement to be in perfect cohesion. I created a complex '12.3' surround rig: an octophonic cube array surrounded the audience, with a sub beneath each of the three seating banks and 4 specials placed by important lighting fixtures. This facilitated the precise placement of sound in 3D space, immersing the audience. Our aim was to make it seem as if the sound was always coming from the light itself.


The track used in this video is an edited version of 'Nitroglycerine' by Vaunce

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