Recorded June/July 2018

Sax - Josh Cottell

Piano - Joe Zacaroli

Guitar/Bass - Huw Cheston

Bass - Tom O'Connor

Drums - Leonard Maassen

Engineer/Producer - Jonny Danciger

'All In' is the four-track debut EP by the Oxford-based jazz quintet Snarp. Written, recorded and mixed over one week, I worked closely with the band throughout the process to ensure that the breadth and clarity of sound was maintained in both arrangement and production. 

We wanted to preserve the sense of 'liveness', so decided against overdubs, opting instead for a forensic approach to each multitrack take.

'All In'


Recorded October 2016

Composer - Rufus Elliot

Company - Knotworks Theatre

This suite of six pieces for strings and flutes was recorded for a production of Jennifer Haley's 'The Nether' at the Oxford Playhouse. It was important the material took on an ethereal quality, rooted in the analogue world without ever quite seeming natural. 

I wanted to achieve this through accentuating the spectral content. I close-miced each individual instrument,  using an wide overhead stereo pair and ribbon mic to capture room sound. I then kept the individual instruments relatively clean, but ran the room tracks through FFT spectral processing, enforcing the rich textures.

The Nether

Possible WorldsRufus Elliot

Recorded 2013/14

Vocals/Piano/Guitar - Jonny Danciger

Electric Guitar - Basim Kadhim

Bass/Guiter - Harvey Birtles

Drums - Jack Bebington


Jonny Danciger - 'Take Me Down', 'Illustrations'

Irfan Hasan - 'The Collapse', 'The One'

Marco Imperatori - 'Parasite'

The debut EP for my alternative rock group The Path Ahead was recorded and produced over two years in a variety of studios across London. The sound drew inspiration from The Smiths, Coldplay and Frank Turner, combining laid back indie hooks with an energised rock drive.

'Illustrations of the Mind'