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Composed in May 2018

In loving memory of Melvyn Danciger

This piece was created for the FHS Composition course at Oxford and received a first class mark.

In 2012 my grandfather asked me to convert some old tape recordings into digital format. I rediscovered these shortly after his passing in 2015, and was stunned to hear my ancestors (at one point even my great-great-grandfather) in such vibrant colour. I wanted to use modern sound processing techniques to explore these recordings and characters further, and reimagine a Danciger family gathering from generations ago, complete with singing, drinking and storytelling. 

All of the material in this piece is created from direct transformations of the source material. There is no synthesised sound or new audio.

Rose Coloured Glasses

Rose Coloured GlassesJonny Danciger

Composed in February 2016

This piece was created for the Prelims Composition course at Oxford and received a first class mark.

Inspired by Trevor Wishart's 'Imago', this short piece sets out to create varied compositional material from a single, simple sound source. All of the sound is made through transforming a simple 5-second recording of an electric razor (heard unaffected at the start and end). No other audio is used or synthesised. 

The transformation process becomes increasingly intense as the piece progresses, but the essence of the source material is always maintained.


RazorJonny Danciger
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