As an interdisciplinary practitioner, I thrive on using my experience in sound design, composition, direction, performance and other creative disciplines to inform each project. This brings a direct benefit to my clients, allowing each commission to be carried out with greater attention paid to the surrounding creative contexts and logistical factors.

I am very adaptable and always enjoy new challenges. If you are in need of any services related to the categories above then please don't hesitate to get in touch through my contact page. 

I'd love to hear from you.

With all creative services, it's always important to be on the same page. Across this website there are varying examples of my work, aiming to give you a strong sense of my creative process and character. I will gladly supply a creative treatment (with audio examples where appropriate) outlining what I can bring to your specific project.

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Testimonies, Reviews and Quotes


'Illuminated', Keble O'Reilly, 2017

Role: Composer/Sound Designer

"The drama could not be achieved without the interplay of sound and light. The show soars when taken as a whole, each part of its design merging with every other, each constituent element bolstering and elevating the next. The slow thud of a heartbeat signals the beginning of the production, the music flares when a male and female dancer collide with one another, when circles of darkness break up the light, distortion ripples across the soundscape. The use of surround sound enables the production to envelop the audience, seeming to swallow them up in the proceedings. The whole show is seamless, each piece of it flowing into the next until it becomes impossible to separate one specific element from another.

Playful when it wishes to be, disconcerting when it chooses, Illuminated is adept at leading its audience through its world of intertwined light and sound. More than anything, it demonstrates a cohesiveness of vision across the entirety of its construction. The dances could not exist without the light, the light without the sound, the show without any of them. This cogency—and the sense of completeness that follows from it—makes Illuminated a triumph."

 Chris Goring , The Cherwell


Theatre in Education International Tour, Barricade Arts

Role: Director/Producer

"Barricade Arts developed their own production of Animal Farm for our students and spent an extremely successful week in residence at the School. Their work has been very popular with students; innovative, energetic and thought provoking. Their enthusiasm and commitment shines through in everything they do. Staff found them very easy to work with and flexible in meeting our requirements - whether they related to school safeguarding standards or the needs of our GCSE drama students! We have already arranged to have them return next year."

Arabella Gonzalez, bursar at the British Council School in Madrid


The Tempest, Wadham Gardens, 2016

Role: Composer/Sound Designer/Live Voice Actor

In their marketing materials, Light-Winged Productions have focused on one line from the play – “the isle is full of noises” – and the soundscape is, fittingly, one of the most successful elements of the production. The nature of a garden play does not lend itself to impressive tech, but Sound Designer Jonny Danciger had outdone himself here, distorting his own voice to create an ethereal Ariel (Prospero’s spirit servant) and tying together the production as a whole with musical themes which carry from the audience’s arrival to the very end of the play."

Laura Whetherley, Oxford Opening Night